Is Sniip free to use?


Absolutely! Sniip is free to download and paying with Sniip is the same as paying directly via the service provider's website (except that it’s much easier).* * Credit card surcharges are at the discretion of the service provider and may

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Can I change the dollar amount to be paid?


Yes! Once you scan your bill, simply amend the amount to be paid and continue through the checkout process. Please note, changing the amount is only available for some service providers. If your bill cannot be amended, the option to

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Will I get a receipt?


Yes. After a successful payment you will get a transaction receipt which is stored in your history tab. This receipt can be emailed from the app.

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What is Sniip’s refund policy?


Since all payments are fulfilled by well-known service providers, please refer to their specific refund policy or email us at

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What if I need customer service?


If you're experiencing any technical issues or having problems using the app, please use the 'Contact Sniip' function from the side menu in the app or email us at

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How does Sniip protect my credit/debit card details?


Your credit card data is encrypted and securely stored. The credit/debit card details are only shared with the service provider at the time of payment, as you would normally do when paying directly on their website.

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Will I start getting marketing material?


Only if you want to. From time to time Sniip may send you an email or push notifications to let you know important information. Should you wish to opt out, please refer to your phone's settings. Please note - if

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Who does Sniip share my personal info with?


Sniip only shares your personal information with the service provider you make payments with for reconciliation purposes. We never share your information with any other 3rd party.

Who does Sniip share my personal info with?2018-11-14T15:56:14+00:00