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Four ways to add your bills to the Sniip app

We’re getting questions coming through asking about the different ways you can add your bills to the Sniip app.

We thought we’d share them with you here today. 

Fun fact! There are four ways you can add your bills to the app:   

1. Scan a bill 

2. Manually add a bill 

3. Import a bill from email 

4. Sign-up for auto email import

  1. Scan a bill

Open the Sniip app, tap the ‘+’ icon

Select ‘Scan’ 

However your phone camera over the BPAY Biller Code or Sniip QR code on your bill

Your bill will be automatically added to the Sniip app


2. Manually add a bill 

Open the Sniip app, tap the ‘+’ icon 

Select ‘Manually add’ 

Locate the BPAY Biller Code on your bill and enter the number into the ‘Search Biller’  

Select the Biller, enter the amount to pay and the due date 


3. Import a bill from email 

Open your emails on your mobile device 

Locate the email containing the bill you want to import. 

Open the PDF attached to the email 

Select the ‘share’ or ‘copy to’ icon, scroll to the Sniip icon and tap 

Select ‘Upload bill’

You’ll receive a push notification when you bill is added to the Sniip app. 


4. Sign-up for auto email import*

Open the Sniip app, tap the menu bar on the top left corner 

Select ‘Import from Email’ 

Select ‘Connect Google’ and then ‘Continue’ 

Choose the email account you want to connect 

Select ‘allow’ 

Done! Your emails containing a BPAY Biller Code will be automatically added to the Sniip app ready for payment. You’ll receive a push notification when your bill is ready for payment.

*Please note: This feature is only available for Gmail accounts

New Feature alert: Instalment Payments

We completely understand 2020 was a tough year for most and we could often do with a little more time to get those never-ending bill payments sorted!

Enter, Sniip instalment plans. You can now pay off any bill in instalments with Sniip.

Simply enter the due date and select how many instalments you’d like to pay the bill off in. 

Sniip creates you an instalment plan and helps you clearly understand the amount and time of each payment.

Please note, this isn’t a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ offering (watch this space) – rather, this feature gives you the flexibility to pay off your bill in instalments, without missing the due date.

With Sniip instalments, we pay your bill off in instalments to the biller as we receive the money from you. We don’t hold any funds in the Sniip app, nor do we provide credit.    

Most billers are okay with receiving your bill in instalments as long as they’ve received all the funds by the due date. We calculate this for you as part of your instalment plan. 

To create an instalment plan, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Import your bill to the Sniip app using your method of choice
  2. Tap the ‘Schedule’ button
  3. Select create Instalments plan
  4. Customise the details on the following 4 pages to create an instalment plan that suits you

The schedule payments you have created through the instalment plan can be viewed via the schedule tab. The payments will go out on the date that you selected when creating the instalment plan.

If there’s a feature you’d like to see in the Sniip app, let us know! Email or phone (07) 3268 7710.

FAST FIVE: Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

You know the old adage, there’s no such thing as a silly question. We’re big believers of that at Sniip! And the reality is, if you’re thinking it, it’s likely someone else is too. Plus, we really just love hearing from you too.

With that in mind, we thought we’d share the top five questions asked by our Sniip Superstars to our customer service teams this week. 

  1. When is my bill paid? 

We pay your bill as soon as we receive your funds. Generally speaking, we receive your funds the next business day.  

For example, if you pay your bill via Sniip on a Tuesday, we’ll receive your funds on Wednesday and your bill will be paid on the same day. 

If you use a Visa or Mastercard and pay by midnight AEDT, we’ll receive your funds the next business day. Your bill payment is made the same day that we receive the funds via BPAY.

Please note: If you pay on a Friday, we won’t receive the funds until Monday. That’s why it’s important to add your due dates to the app and we’ll automatically schedule when your bill is paid, so that you meet your due date.

  1. Do you pay my bill in full for instalment plans and then I pay Sniip back?  

Great question! With Sniip instalments, we pay your bill off in instalments to the biller as we receive the money from you. We don’t hold any funds in the Sniip app, nor do we provide credit.    

Most billers are okay with receiving your bill in instalments as long as they’ve received all the funds by the due date. We calculate this for you as part of your instalment plan. 

Sniip instalment plans are not currently a buy now, pay later offering (but watch this space). 

You can find out more about setting up an instalment plan, here.

3. Your app was recommended by Amex with a rate of 1.5%. What’s the benefit of using Sniip for Amex transactions?  

Hello friend, welcome to Sniip! We’re so happy you’re here. 

We recently reduced our processing fee from 2.2% to 1.5%. This was made possible through our direct partnership agreement with American Express Australia (Amex). 

The advantage of using Sniip is that you can pay your bill with Amex where it may currently not be an available payment method (many councils and Government agencies). Plus, you’ll earn full points on your card. 

As you’d know, paying through your bank or directly to billers (Government agencies or utility providers) generally means either reduced or no rewards points at all on these types of transactions. 

Paying with Sniip means that you always earn full points. 

Put simply, almost all bills that contain a BPAY Biller Code (there’s over 60,000 BPAY Billers in Australia), can be paid with your credit card using Sniip, earning you full points.  

4. Is there any other way to pay a bill than scanning the BPAY Biller Code and Reference Number. 

Absolutely! Firstly, you can enter the BPAY Biller Code and Reference numbers manually. 

Alternatively, you can ‘share’ or import the bill attachment to the Sniip app from your email. 

Or, our favourite option: If you have a Gmail account, you can sign up for auto bill import and have your bills automatically sent to the Sniip app for payment. 

(link to article of auto bill import). 

5. What are your processing fees? 

The processing fee for Amex, Visa and Mastercard is 1.5%. International cards attract a 3% processing fee. 

Plus, there’s a free option. You can use a debit card for free in the Sniip app. 

That covers all the processing fees in the Sniip app. 

Any other fees noted are from you biller. When you scan the BPAY Biller Code on your bill, all the rates are the same. 

If you’re scanning a Sniip QR code, the surcharges are defined by the billers and should be the same as paying through their website. 

These processing fees include GST which you can claim back at tax time a GST registered business. 

Financially savvy New Years resolutions – PART 1

  1. Round up for the wrap-up

    As we can all attest, Christmas and the festive season can be expensive. Maybe you can consider rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar? (Banks such as ING, Up and others offer this service). You can roll those round-ups into a Christmas Club/Festive Fun savings account and take the sting out of the 2021 festive season.

2. Dry January?

Alcohol can be expensive and after the festive season, we could probably all do with a bit of a breather. Maybe you could try a dry January or February (or maybe Dry July) and skip the beverages for the month. Take the money you would have spent and invest that into your savings to kick-start the year.   

If alcohol isn’t for you, pick another recurring expense you could cut back on. Maybe it’s coffee, coke, an energy drink, a bliss ball, blended juice or lunch out each day. Whatever it is, see if you can take a break for a few weeks.

You’ll be surprised by how much money you can save and the sense of achievement when you reach your resistance goal is a great perk too.

3. Stop paying late fees 

A bill comes in, you see the due date and pop that to the back of your mind for later. The days roll over quickly and before you know it, the bill is overdue and you’re hit with a late fee.

Late fees are dead money and your hard-earned dollars deserve a better future. But there’s good news. Using the Sniip app, you can schedule your bill payments as soon as they drop into your mailbox and set and forget, knowing that your bills are sorted. The results speak for themselves as 90% of all the bills ever paid using the Sniip app have been paid before the due date!

4. Consider a side ‘hustle’

Are you always baking for your friends? Do you love sewing, mending or perhaps woodwork? Or, are you a secret maths whiz who could offer some tutoring on the side? 

Think about what you love doing in your downtime and how that hobby might be able to make you some spare change. The reality is, earning $500 a month equates to $6,000 a year, which will get you a pretty nice holiday!

5. Ask for a better rate 

Do you have a home loan at a rate over 3%? With most residential mortgage rates now starting with ‘2’ at the front of them, you may be able to ask your bank for a better rate or shop around for a better deal.

Ensure you do the research and arm yourself with information. Explore what’s available on the market, tell your bank what competitors are offering and what it will take for you to stay.

Note: Make sure the loan is over the same period as your current loan and doesn’t extend your repayment period another 5/10 years or you might end up paying more interest overall than at your current rate. 

Last minute Christmas shopping? sorted!

  1. Buy an experience 

You’re pressed for time and the person you’re buying for likely has enough stuff in their home already. Why not buy them an experience instead? Shop last minute from the comfort of your own couch with little more than a bank card and a printer (or just email the gift certificate to them instead). Sorted!

There’s a plethora of options online like RedBalloon for the adventure junkie or subscriptions like Magshop or Book a Buy for the avid reader. You can get even get creative and organise your recipient a home cleaner/ ironing done for a week or two/ a facial/ a massage or home delivery meals (try HelloFresh 0r Soulara) too. 

  1. Make a donation in their name 

Charities have done it tough this year and could do with all the support they can get. How about making a donation to a cause or charity that aligns with your recipient’s values. You can easily make a donation to one of the registered charities in the Sniip app too, simply open the app, tap the menu and select ‘support a charity’. 

  1. Stock up on their favourites 

Your local supermarket might seem like the last place to go to buy presents, but if you’re time poor (and on the way to the party), it can be beyond helpful. 

Does your friend/ family member love a particular chocolate/ kombucha/ ice-cream or even fruit? Why not stock up their favourite supplies or put together a quick hamper. Simply grab a mixing bowl, pop your items in the bowl then cover with an over bag and you’re done. There’s some great ideas of what you could fill your gift basket with, here. No-one is going to begrudge a gift of a few blocks of their favourite supermarket chocolate/ treat. 

  1. Same day and same evening delivery 

There’s a selection of online retailers who offer expedited delivery for Christmas day. You get what you pay for and if you need speedy delivery, it will cost you but sometimes it’s worth the money to remove the stress you’re feeling for gifts not being sorted. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and December kind of snuck up on all of us.

If there’s a specific item you need/want to buy, check out sites offering same day/ evening delivery like The Iconic, Target and Myer (click + collect), The Hamper Emporium/ Hamptons Hampers.

  1. Regift, regift, regift 

Who says regifting has to be saved for next Christmas? By this point we’ve probably all been part of some form of Secret Santa/ present swap situation. Why not take the gift you received and gift it onto someone else? 

Or, maybe you’ve got some almost expired gift cards collecting dust in your wallet from Christmas 2019 or birthday/ celebrations been and gone. Save yourself some pennies and use those gifted gift cards to purchase your gift this year. That’s some savvy regifting! 

Top 10 items to buy post Christmas

We’ve just made it past Black Friday and Cyber Monday! But before our bank accounts can catch up, Boxing Day is here and we’re bombarded with more deep discounts. 

As overwhelming as it can seem, if we’re strategic in our purchases now, this can be a really financially beneficial period. By buying what you already need/will need to purchase in the not-so-distant future, you can be prepared before the rush and reduce expenses for the coming year. 

INSIDER TIP: Keep the tabs open on your web browser and refresh them come Boxing Day. That way, you’ll see what discounts are available on the exact items you’re already looking for, rather than get overwhelmed by offers for stuff you don’t need. 

  1. Christmas decorations, cards and bon bons 

You know when the best time is to shop for Christmas paraphernalia? The day after Christmas. If you’ve got the storage space at home, the days and weeks that follow the festive season are the best time to pick yourself up a bargain on all things Christmas. Let’s be honest, those Christmas crackers can be $$$!!! 

  1. Calendars and diaries

Are you still a stickler for the paper diaries and calendars? Now’s your time to shine! As we edge closer to the New Year, these calendars start being massively discounted. There’s some great digital options on the market too that you can print at home to save yourself some money. 

  1. Valentines Day gifts 

Golly, that’s organised we hear you say. Well, the reality is Valentine’s Day is just 51 days after Christmas and it will be here before you know it. If you’re looking to get your loved one a present that doesn’t weigh too heavily on the purse strings, you’ll likely be able to pick up a good discount in the Boxing Day/New Year sales. From perfume, magazine subscriptions to unique experiences, if you have the capacity, now’s the time to buy to avoid the price hikes in February. 

  1. Gym membership and subscriptions 

Now, no-one is saying you should follow the New Years Resolution crowd and get a gym membership subscription that you may not really use. However, if you currently have a gym membership that you could be happier with, or are looking to get your foot back in the door, now might be the time to shop around and see if you can get a better deal. 

  1. Birthday presents 

Similar to Valentines Day presents, why not create a list of everyone you need to buy for in the coming year and see if you can’t nab a deal on the gift you’d like to buy them. 

Maybe you could pick up a few gender neutral presents too for those moments when there’s a birthday we forgot about (we’ve all been there) – sorted! 

  1. Tech and homegoods 

From kettles to laptops, a new washing machine or a couch, you can pretty much guarantee you’re going to be able to find yourself a saving on technology and home goods post-Christmas.  

If you wouldn’t have purchased at full price, it’s probably not essential. But if your family has outgrown your 8kg washing machine or the kids need new tech for school, it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye out for a discount on what your family already needs. 

  1. Wardrobe staples  

Take an inventory of your wardrobe and see if there’s any key pieces you’re really on the hunt for. Do you need a new suit for work? A simple A-line skirt or some cotton/linen dresses to see you through the scorching summer ahead, you won’t have to look far to find retailers with unreal deals this season. 

Hot tip #1: Take your personal measurements whether you’re shopping online or in person. Having your measurements when shopping in-store can assist in avoiding crowded change room situations. 

Hot tip #2: On that note, check the returns policy on the store you’re shopping at. Sometimes super sales come with a ‘no returns’ policy. It pays to check the returns policy before purchasing. 

  1. Travel

We’ve all been living in our quarantine bubbles and travel has been a no-go zone. You can bet your bottom dollar there’s going to be some enticing travel deals in the suite of sales emails landing in your inbox. 

If you’re overdue for a holiday (we hear you), now might be the perfect time to book a discounted trip interstate or abroad (hopefully soon). 

  1. New car 

Look, it’s not going to be on everyone’s boxing day list, but if you’re in the market already – it’s a good time to look. The adage of out with the old and in with the new sees dealerships offering some pretty attractive deals to move older (new car) stock. 

  1. New house?

This is a big ticket item, but hear us out. December can be a really slow period for real estate and agents often pull houses for the market/sellers are too time poor with Christmas to prepare their homes for a new listing. 

In January, there’s a glut of new homes that hit the market which can often make real estate more affordable. 

If you’re on the hunt for a new house, you’re bound to find fresh inventory and you might find those houses that sat in the months prior listed for a more appealing price in the New Year. Who knows? Worth keeping an eye out.

Christmas travel guide – Australia edition

Looking for a Christmas holiday that won’t break the bank or, have a little more in the kitty to spend this year?

Whether your ideal holidays looks like the beach or the bush, there’s something for everyone in this roundup.

Plus, while you’re on holiday, why not consider putting your own house/ room or granny flat on Airbnb to save yourself a little extra on the trip.

Three steps to listing your home for short-term rentals:

(1) Take a few snaps of your home

(2) Add your listing price and minimum stay

(3) Welcome your first guest (yes to savings!).


Treehouse in the Rainforest

La Boheme, Whitsundays

Rainforest cottage, Cooloolabin

New South Wales

Warramba, Glen Alice

The Enchanted Cave, Bilpin


Eco Bush Retreat, Victoria

Western Australia

Heritage home in heart of city, Perth

Private & peaceful, Bandy Creek

South Australia

Camel Beach House, Venus Bay

The Sky House, Middle River

Northern Territory

Squeakywindmill Boutique Tent B&B, White Gums

Off the Beaten Track, Hale


Luxury by the bay, Falmouth

Save $700 on your energy bill, here’s how

The mercury is soaring and we see you reaching for that aircon remote.

Here’s your friendly reminder that every extra degree of cooling is adding a greater cost to your energy bill. 

What’s the recommended reading? Set your thermostat between 22 to 24 degrees celsius and ensure your aircon filter is clean. Use your aircon sparingly and if you can, run it to cool your house when you get home, or your bedroom before you go to sleep rather than blasting it 24/7.

According to a recent article by, approximately 13% of Australians have already asked for, or were planning to ask for an extension on their energy bill. 

If you’re looking to reduce the cost of your next energy bill, here’s some fast facts from the Department of Energy to save you in other areas of your home.

  • Turning off, or ridding yourself of a second fridge could save you around $172 a year  
  • Switching off the game console when not in use could save you up to $193 a year (this goes for all appliances you’re not using) 
  • Using the clothesline once a week instead of using the dryer could save around $79 a year
  • Installing a water-efficient 4-star showerhead could save around $315 a year on water bills (you’ll also save on your energy bill as less water will need to be heated)
  • Shop around for the best deal from energy suppliers, don’t assume you’re automatically on the best plan. 

Fast five: holiday hacks to save you serious $$

1. Do a little (read: a lot) DIY

Last week we touched on the idea of DIY pot plants

Now we’ve planted the seed, we wanted to build upon it. The reality is, you can DIY pretty much anything for Christmas and save yourself some serious $$$. 

From your gift-wrap to your present tags, Christmas cards, the gift themselves and of course, who wouldn’t love a DIY baked good for Christmas

2. Don’t buy presents for yourself

We see you adding that extra item to the cart. A little something for the list, a little something for yourself can spiral out of control quite quickly and blow the budget. 

As tough as it is, resist the urge. It’s likely the item you’re chasing will be available in the New Year when your gift giving finances have had a little breather. 

3. Unsubscribe from marketing emails 

If you’re not in the market for something, you likely don’t need to be receiving marketing emails. If you are in the market for something, it’s easy enough to find a deal/ discount when you need it.  It’s amazing how often you find you “need” something just because it’s on sale. 

It might be time to do a quick little stocktake/cleanse of your inbox and determine which emails you need to be receiving and which ones are a little too tempting. 

4. Think out of the box for a holiday 

The international and potentially interstate borders where you live may not be open for Christmas and let’s be honest, there may be no room for travel in the budget this year.  

A little staycation can be a fun way to switch it up and feel like you’re had a break. Sometimes a little distance from the house, away from chores and whatnot is a holiday in itself. 

Perhaps go camping and explore a local National Park. Or, if you’re not up for roughing it, support a local business and book a few days at a nearby hotel or perhaps an Airbnb.

5. Bank the points 

If you pay your bills with the Sniip app, you can earn full points on your points earning bank card. 

While the international borders are closed right now, why not bank those precious loyalty points now. That way, when you’re ready to fly again, you can take off in style!