About Sniip

We saw a problem that we thought we could fix. This is what we know:

  • Everyone has to make payments – unfortunately, we are always needing to pay bills!
  • We are all time poor. Always trying to find a way to do things faster and more efficiently. We are getting busier each day!
  • No matter where we go, we seem to always carry a smartphone with us. In fact 85% of smartphone owners don’t leave home without it. It’s almost an extension of the human today!

Then we thought WHAT IF you could:

  • Securely store your cards on your mobile device;
  • All your payment needs were contained in one app; and
  • You never had to re-enter payment details to make a payment!

Sniip® – The easy way to pay.


Sniip® is a disruptive force in the payment space. It is the first of its kind in Australia as it is a mobile payment application built not around a bank or payment brand, but rather, around the consumer.